I’m deeply committed creating a healthy home for you and your family

The less toxins our home has, the more we’ll thrive as balanced healthy people.


Jolly Green Homes is devoted in helping you build an eco-friendly life by offering you tips, products and ideas to live more sustainably.


Every choice we make has an impact. Make yours count for the goodness of the planet. The more we learn, we more we can serve, creating a pure, clean world we can all thrive in.






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“There are so many pollutants in our environment that it’s becoming scary. I am worried about how it’s affecting my family, my home and my plantet.  I want to make changes, even if it’s a little bit at a time.”


If everyone did one small change, it would have a global impact.



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Every choice has an impact. What are your daily choices? Are you doing more harm than good by how you shop? Are you just creating more clutter and a demaind for toxic products?

So far, we’re not doing so good. Look around…cancers, autism, disease, asthma. Fish are dying and the whales are washing up on our shores with bellies full of plastic. Our waters are dirty and polluted. Our air doesn’t taste or smell good anymore. We’re pumping out way too many toxins, and we’re not adapting growing in a chemically enhanced environment. We are testing a situation that we’ve never experienced before and it’s not going so well.  

We want healthier, for our families and our planet. I am here to help you along.


Responsibly and purposefully creating the life you want

Changing your life into a more loving positive direction will have an incredible uplifting effect on not only you, but those around you.  Just by doing, you’ll be setting an example. People will learn and be inspired. Hence, changing yourself is changing the world around you.

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